1. Every face tells a story. But, for me to stop a stranger and shoot their portrait, their face must tell a different story than my face. see more at tulsaworld.com/scene/seen #tulsa #streetphotography #photojournalism #portrait #documentary

  2. I really wanted to know the story when I saw this man driving his tractor through midtown by the University of Tulsa. Unfortunately he was running late, didn’t have time to talk. I asked for his phone #. He said he doesn’t have a phone. I may not be the smartest guy, but I figured out that he wasn’t interested in being featured in the Tulsa World. #tulsa #tractor #sideview

  3. Lavona Radford’s 1971 #Cutlass Supreme #car #tulsa

  4. Street Level: Peoria - Leslie Flanigan plays in a fountain at BOK Plaza. Walkers and bicyclists enjoy the trails of River Parks. The sun is setting on the river, and the park is beautiful. I want to shout, for everyone to hear, that if they want to see real beauty, turn north on Peoria and enjoy the next 16 miles. #streetphotography #tulsa #fountain #photojournalism #documentary

  5. Street Level: Peoria - As I parked my car in a shopping center at Skelly Drive, things looked promising. The Supermercados Morelos grocery store bustled with shoppers. None would be photographed.
    I felt dejected as I left. I saw Deandre Hertt sitting under a shade tree cooling off after a game of basketball. Eleven years old and alone, he was apprehensive about talking to me, a stranger. #streetphotography #tulsa #photojournalism #documentary

  6. Street Level: Peoria - Sunday is family day for the Jimenez family. They were so kind to me, offering me water and only taking no for an answer when I reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of Gatorade.
    As I leave the family cookout, their story has me thinking about my grandfather Tony Mandato. I never met him, but heard the story a lot. He got on a boat in Italy at 16 years old and came to this country for more opportunity. And here I am, getting paid to walk around and take pictures. What a country! see more at tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #tulsa #immigration #oklahoma #streetphotography

  7. Street Level: Peoria - The final installment publishes tomorrow. Thanks for all the support! #tulsa #streetphotography #photojournalism #documentary #lofi tulsaworld.com/streetlevel

  8. Lavona Radford poses for a portrait with her 1971 Cutlass Supreme Aug. 14, 2014.See a story about people and their old, but not classic, cars at tulsaworldtv.com tulsaworld.com #car #lofi #oldsmobile #tulsa #auto

  9. Some people like a new car. They buy a new car every few years. Not Rosemary Bishline. She bought her #oldsmobile #firenza in 1986 and has no plans to update it. See more in the Tulsa World Sunday Business section and online at tulsaworld.tv.com #car #classic #red #tulsa #mileage

  10. First day of school: It’s no secret that photojournalists typically shoot photos they can relate to. With my daughter’s school start time moving over an hour earlier this year, I could totally relate to this second grader when I saw her yawn on her first day of school in TPS yesterday. I’ve been yawning a lot lately. #tired #yawn #school #tulsa