1. Street Level: Peoria - Lexie Mumey sits in her car with the windows down and music playing. Her shift at Shades of Brown Coffee & Art is over, and she is writing in her journal as she does every day. She will turn 19 in a week and is reflecting on that. She talks about how people never feel the age they are. They always feel older or younger. tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #tulsa #streetphotography #journal #car

  2. Street Level: Peoria - At Elmer’s BBQ, cook Nick Robinson sits at the counter and waits on the lunch rush. He used to do BBQ as a hobby, now it’s a career. He heads back to the smoker talking about how much he loves his job; all of it except the heat in summertime. But, he says, “If you can’t beat the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” and opens a smoker as ribs turn inside. More at tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #streetphotography #tulsa #bbq

  3. Fellow @tulsaworld photographer John Clanton. @jclantonphoto

  4. Street Level: Peoria - Playing Mah Jongg at Sumatra Coffee Shop. Tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #tulsa #mahjongg #hands #game #streetphotography

  5. Street Level: Peoria - Sometimes the parents want to party longer than their children. Tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #streetphotography #photojournalism #documentary #tulsa

  6. Street Level: Peoria - Through a window, I saw Brooklyn artist Doug Johnston surrounded by family, friends and admiring fans at Exhibit gallery. He is originally from Tulsa and has a show called Brooklyn Nets at the gallery.
    It is a play on the NBA team but also the fiber art he creates. His aunt, Janet Niemeyer, is among family at the show. She has her arm around him as they make their way through the textures of textile work hanging in the gallery. She introduces all of his cousins to me as we walk around.
    “It was really wonderful to be able to do this show in Tulsa, where I grew up,” he says. see more at tulsaworld.com/streetlevel

  7. Street Level: Peoria - An American flag waves from Rodney Grantham’s motorized wheelchair as he makes his way south after a trip to the library and grocery store. I have always been fascinated by brightly decorated wheelchairs and the characters who decorate them. I chase him down.
    “Can you help me with a problem,” he asks. He points out the road construction, and how the warning signs are placed in the sidewalk, forcing him out into the street.
    He placed a flag and pinwheel on his chair after he was hit by a car. The vest was given to him by a friend. The retired preacher of 35 years is a character, but not the kind I thought when I chased him down. These ornaments are for safety.
    “If they hit you now, they are targeting you,” his son told him.
    He has a prosthetic right leg, but was still pretty mobile until a stroke eight years ago ruined his balance.
    “I never thought much of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” he says, “until I became disabled.” More at tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #streetphotography #tulsa #ada #photojournalism #flag

  8. Street Level: Peoria - A tear rolls down Destiny Meadows’ cheek as she clutches a small photo at Brookside Tattoo and Piercing. She squeezes the photo tight.

    In the picture, she is a baby sitting on her grandfather Gary Meadows’ lap.

    “I had to have something in memory of him,” she says of the greatest man she has ever known.

    Tattoo artist Doyle Wright starts on the tattoo, and Meadows writhes in pain. Wright quips, “I’m the one doing all the work.” Then he says sternly, “Quit moving!”

    She squeezes the photo tighter. When the tattoo is done, across the side of her foot, she reads, “until we meet again” and starts to cry again. She mentions she wants to see the tattoo and think of “Paw Paw” every day. Tulsaworld.com/streetlevel #tulsa #tattoo #streetphotography #photojournalism #ink

  9. Street Level: Peoria - Check the Tulsa World and tulsaworld.com/streetlevel tomorrow for the 7th installment of Street Level. Here Lexie Mumey writes in her journal after getting off work at @shadesofbrowntulsa. #streetphotography #tulsa #photojournalism

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